About Us
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About Us

The company Mebeltec snc was established in 2012 when the two founding partners decided to merge their thirty years of experience gained in the production of bespoke furniture and painting, therefore creating a single business aimed at meeting every type of requirement.
The equipment and machinery from both companies were transferred to the new workshop, which is still today the company’s administrative and production headquarters. This means that the business now works in a more organized and efficient manner thanks to the merger of the two companies.
We are specialized in the production of custom-made furniture of any kind, for both civil and nautical sectors.


•    We produce all types of custom-made furniture.
•    We can work with any type of material, from all types of wood and wood-based panels of all kinds to parts in glass, metal, fabric, stone and synthetic materials.
•    We only use carefully selected quality materials.
•    As far as the use of panels is concerned, the use of plywood and blockboard is preferred, limiting as much as possible the use of materials such as MDF and avoiding the use of chipboard panels.
•    For precision and/or repetitive work, we work with external partners equipped with CNC machines.
•    We work and supply parts in materials such as “Corian”, light-weight or resin panels and aluminium honeycomb panels.
•    A network of reliable external collaborators who are able to carry out the processing of other parts made in the most varied materials allows Mebeltec to supply even whole ‘turnkey’ furnishings.
•    We supply and install certified external windows and doors, always custom-made.

•    Inspections and surveys on site and/or at the customer’s home
•    Design, if required, according to customers’ needs
•    Sampling
•    Direct production and using tested subcontractors
•    Lacquering and painting
•    Possible on-site assistance and coordination with other companies directly or indirectly involved in the completion of the work
•    Delivery and installation
We are able to deal with and satisfy a high-class customers as we use to work for prestigious clients who appreciate the service as a whole, the ability to interpret their requests, even the most complicated and, above all, the way we work and interact with them. in addition to the quality and personalization of the work carried out.
For Mebeltec, the respect and correctness shown to customers and their needs is fundamental and form the basis of the loyalty given to even the most demanding customers.


•    The company carries out independently any type of painting and lacquering, even in sample colours and with special effects, using top quality base and top coats
•    Expertise, experience and direct collaboration with technical offices at paint manufacturers allow us to find and advise the customer on the best treatment cycle for each different need
•    We also carry out fireproof painting and varnishing with certification
•    We also carry out painting for third parties